What I Learned By Not Drinking for Two Years [Opinion]

What can jumping on the wagon do for you in 2016? If your resolution is to lose 17kgs, this might be the solution for you! While beer might be surprisingly good for health, there’s no denying it’s not the best way to lose weight. Here’s what happened when this bright kiwi stopped drinking two years ago:



Andy Boyle lost 34kg from quiting drinking and focusing more and productivity. Here’s a list he told Stuff about other good things that came his way on the wagon:

  • Bought an amazing loft apartment.
  • Finished a first draft of an advice book.
  • Started exercising three days a week, then four.
  • Went from a size XXL to size Large.
  • Performed in three comedy festivals.
  • Got an amazing new job.
  • Finished multiple drafts of multiple television and movie scripts.
  • Went from a 42-inch waist to a 36-inch waist.
  • Went from hating myself daily to relatively enjoying myself.

Andy believes the last one is most important. While he hasn’t vowed off drinking forever, he also isn’t racing to sip a martini. He is open to staying alcohol free or going back to drinking. But overall he believes his life has greatly improved from stopping drinking.

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