What All Vegans Don’t Want You to Know

For too long veganism has been hailed as some holy grail. It’s the health pinnacle that people aspire to but most can’t reach. It also just makes you a better person. And this hilarious movie clip claims it gives you psychic powers:

But what if veganism isn’t really so healthy? Here’s the shocking truth that vegans have been hiding from you – and why they continue to hide it.

What’s veganism anyway and why should I be afraid of it?

Veganism can be defined as,

The epitome of a restrictive diet.

In all seriousness, it involves not eating any animals or animal products. In theory this doesn’t sound too bad. This is the time a vegan will quote the Harvard study stating that people who consumed 12 ounces of red meat per day were 13% more likely to die from heart diseases or cancer than those who didn’t eat any meat. And daily servings of processed meat, such as bacon, were proven to increase the rate of early death by 20%.

However more recent studies point to the extreme benefits of eating lean meat. And the extreme risks of cutting meat (and animal products) entirely. A 2012 report found that Americans who regularly eat lean beef get more protein, zinc, potassium, and B vitamins than people who don’t. And a 2010 report estimated that lean beef accounts for about 15 percent of the nation’s protein but only about 4 percent of total fat says Reader’s Digest. And vegans and vegetarians have been found to have severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Most people can’t survive as vegans


And no, I don’t mean the vegan diet gets so boring most people quit after a week. I mean they actually can’t survive due to the lack of essential vitamins and minerals needed to survive. Yes eating excessive proportions of red meat can lead to an earlier death (who eats 12 ounces every day anyway?) But starving your body of what it needs will kill you faster than a long onset disease such as cancer or cardiovascular disease.

Have you heard about personal nutrition? It’s a very exciting new field of nutrition that claims there is no cookie cutter, one size fits all diet. Veganism fits in the same train of thought. A vegan diet wouldn’t work for everyone. In fact, very few people are wired to survive long term without their vital nutrients. And just because you can survive malnourished, doesn’t mean you should!

Look, I can ride a scooter without protective gear... but it doesn't mean I should!

Look, I can ride a scooter without protective gear… but it doesn’t mean I should!

For the average person, their main source of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc and iron all come from meat and dairy products. This is especially true for pregnant women and children. It can even impair a child’s growth!

But before you go full throttle into your carnivorous ways

Remember there are health benefits of being a vegan. And you know why that is? Because of how plant based it is! So you can have the health benefits of being vegan whilst not starving yourself of vital nutrients. It’s all about balance!



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