Fullproof Guide to Bronde Hair that Doesn’t Look Dirty

Women have been ditching their unnaturally light, bright hair for a more natural hue of bronde. This shade used to be scorned by the beauty industry for being mousey, boring, or just too indecisive – is it blonde or is it brown? But then some brave models strutted the catwalk in this natural hue. Celebrities followed and before you knew it, everyone and their cat was bronde.

However if you’re not careful it’s easy for this shade to look dirty. And I mean dishwasher water dirty. There’s a reason this shade is also called dirty blonde. Here is a fullproof guide to beautiful blonde tresses that don’t look like they need a shower.

First start with your face

The first step to choosing a hair colour you love is to look at your face. Yes I am completely sober. The truth is, a hair colour that looks nice has nothing to do with whether it’s a nice colour. Hey even grey hair can look great. Hair that looks nice compliments the face.

So consider your faces natural colouring. Is it cool or warm? If you don’t know, here’s a useful infographic by Seasonal colour analysis


If you have cool undertones…

Go for a softer bronde. Look for terms like “ashy” or “cool” bronde. These shades will compliment your eyes and skin best. Unfortunately it’s easier for hair without red or golden undertones to look dirty. This is because brighter colours look cleaner.

To counteract this, you will want to stray to a more brunette bronde. Brunette always looks more vibrant and less dirty. And if you really must, sneak in a few golden highlights.

If you have warm undertones…

Go for a brighter bronde. Look for terms like “golden” or “cinnamon” bronde. These shades will work perfectly with your warmer features. However be careful to not go too golden especially if you have olive skin. This will blend in a little too much.

Now onto your locks

If you’re going from brunette to bronde


Those going from brunette to bronde have a great advantage: ombre or balayage. Changing your hair colour so drastically is scary! But by going ombre or balayage, you can adjust. It also just looks really good.

But you should exercise caution with this look when trying to get your bronde to look as clean as possible. Darker roots always look a bit dirtier. Always. This is because oil naturally makes roots darker. So make sure the ombre or balayage flows well and looks intentional.

If you’re going from blonde to bronde…


Unfortunately blonde to bronde isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you’re comfortable, make the plunge from blonde to full bronde. If you’re not so comfortable, go bronde but warm it up with some blonde highlights. If done right, this will make your hair look more natural and full of life.

Don’t forget your roots my friend

Okay let’s say worst comes to worst and your bronde hair looks plain dirty.  It’s nothing personal, you just can’t help but think the colour looks dirty. That’s okay! You can easily counteract this.

Flat, oily roots make any hair look dirty. You know how if you don’t wash your hair for a few days (I’m not judging, it happens to the best of us) your crown gets slicker? Well flat hair mimics this look. So add some volume to your roots for a cleaner look.

Curl your girls

Another little known secret is curly hair somehow looks cleaner than straight hair. It’s hard to explain, but the fuller, rounder look just looks bouncy and full of life. On the other hand, pin straight hair can look clean and dragged down by the weight of built-up dirt.

So if you really, really want clean looking bronde hair, don’t be afraid to add a little curl.






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