12 Bizaare Healthy Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Getting healthy doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are 12 easy to adopt hacks that can get you into good health much, much quicker!

1. Burn calories in your sleep

Working out before bed makes your muscles burn more calories while you sleep. You literally don’t need to do anything to lose more weight.

2. Prevent sunburn with tomatoes

Eating tomatoes has been proven to help reduce the chance of getting sunburn. Save your skin from the inside out.

3. Reduce blood pressure with watermelon

Despite being ridiculously delicious on a hot day, watermelon has a surprising health benefit: reducing blood pressure. If your blood pressure is particularly high, try munching on more watermelons.

4. An apple a day keeps the hunger away

Are you about to eat but aren’t sure if you’re really hungry or not? Then ask yourself if youcould eat an apple. If the answer is no, you’re probably bored, not hungry. Simple.

5. Avoid cramps while running

A simple and weird trick to avoiding cramps while running is only exhale when your left foot touches the ground. Weird but effective.

6. Sip pineapple juice instead of cough syrup

Have a sore throat? Don’t down that awful cough syrup. Instead invest in some pineapple juice – it’s five times more effective at soothing a sore throat. And it’s totally natural.

7. Onions for stuffy noses

If your nose is all blocked up, keep half an onion nearby when sleeping. It helps clear the sinus quicker. You might even wake up to an entirely cleared nose.

8. Use an orange for a mental health day

Are you having a bad day? Sniff an orange. No, really. Several studies have proven the scent of an orange can reduce stress, improve mode and make you feel more awake.

9. Try cold showers

As unappealing as it sounds, cold showers are much better for you. In particular, your skin and hair can benefit a lot from cold showers.

10. Apply deodorant at night, not day

Have you found you apply your deodorant in the morning and smell just as bad by the afternoon? Try applying your deodorant at night instead. This will be more effective and make you sweat less the next day.

11. Stop trying to make so many friends

There’s a lot of pressure to have a wide circle of friends. But really having too many friends proves to be more stressful and can lead to higher levels of depression.

12. Fade pimples instantly with Listerine

Listerine isn’t only for a fresh mouth. It can also be used to fade pimples overnight. The alcohol in it will cause them to dry up instantly and fade. While this is a good quick fix, because of how drying it is I wouldn’t recommend it all the time.

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