Lazy Girl’s Guide to Removing Eye Makeup

As a self-confessed, with no intent of recovering lazy girl, there is one thing I can’t stand. And that is extensive beauty regimes. Or extensive anything. Because of this, I want my cleansing routine to get me from A to clean skin as quick as possible. And one of the most pesky, difficult to remove things is eyemakeup. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the same person who invented plastic lock ties invented waterproof mascara! Those things can be chained for life.

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But you know what? I love me a good smokey eye or a heavy cat liner. I want me eyes to be as big and black as possible. And I want to be able to do all of this without losing sleep about how I can take it all off. So here it is! A lazy girl’s guide to removing your eye makeup as quickly and effortlessly as possible. None of those nine step eye makeup remover wikis or ten minute long videos needed.

1. Purge your makeup box

Your makeup bag might need a good purge this new year. Firstly: your mascara. Do you really need waterproof mascara? Do you work at Wet ‘N Wild? Are you a compulsive crier? Do you need to wear mascara while swimming? Do you want to extend your makeup removal process by twice as long? If yes, keep your silly waterproof mascara.

Keep in mind removing waterproof mascara does more than take your time. Paula’s Choice says,

Removing waterproof mascara requires a good deal of tugging and wiping around the eye area, and doing that day after day will cause the skin to sag and the lashes to fall out.

Water proof eyeliner is a little more acceptable. I mean, that stuff smudges really easily. And eyeliner is easier to remove than mascara. You can keep that. The decision is yours: on point eyeliner all day or a little extra time before bed. Eyeliner isn’t the be all end all here – it’s that mascara you need to watch out for.

Any kind of eyeshadow is okay – chalk, powder, crayon, whatever the kids are using nowdays. These can be removed in one easy swipe.

TLDR; Bin that waterproof mascara, do what you want with waterproof eyeliner and go wild with eyeshadow.

2. Spend a little money, save a lotta time

Truth be told, the easiest way to remove your eye makeup is to stop treating your eye makeup like foundation or lipstick. Foundation is easily removed with a double cleansing process. But your black bulky mascara and eyeliner has a completely different formula. It is meant to stick. And smudge into a grey, 80’s rockband mess when swiped.

In theory it seems like the fastest way to remove makeup: just use your face wwipe on your eyes. Or rub your cleansing water over your eyes and hope for the best. But this actually takes more time. Because it is ineffective, you spend longer trying to make this work when it obviously isn’t.

Cleansing waters, oils and avocados… which is easiest, O lazy girl?

The biggest money suck for removing eye makeup is buying a dedicated cleaning water. No no no no! This will get rid of eyeshadow fine – then again, a swipe of a finger gets rid of eyeshadow fine. But real eye makeup is oily. So you need an oil to remove these products easily and quickly.

So here are your options: an store bought oil remover or a Pinterest inspired oil like avocado or grape seed and castor oil mix. But let’s face it: ain’t nobody got time for scoping avos every night or making a cocktail of oils. So just buy yourself an oil remover.

Rub the oil over your eyes for ten seconds then swipe it away with a cotton pad. Done.

Try Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil. $32 from Birch


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