Why Women Should Care More About Their Diet Than Men

Women tend to obsess over their weights. There has been a recent trend in media to counteract this – hashtags like #loveyourstripes have big names getting behind them. While fat feminism isn’t new, it has certainly been gaining in popularity. But how healthy is this movement really? And is there actually concrete research on why women should care more about their diets than men?

But first… fat feminism!

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Now now, for those going red at the term “fat feminism” you should know this was just the earlier title for what’s now known as the “body positivity” movement. But is this new title really more appropriate? Has body positivity really moved away from promoting fuller female bodies?

Body positivity has nothing to do with healthy bodies. It isn’t about encouraging a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. It isn’t about encouraging those who need to lose weight to lose weight and those who need to gain weight to gain weight. And it certainly has nothing to do with informing people about health issues and how to maintain their bodies.

Body positivity isn’t about having positive body health rather it’s about positive body self image. It’s about slandering the big bad media for picking on women and making them uncomfortable in their own skin. But what if the big bad media had a reason to pick on women? What if women really should care more about their diets than men?


Women biophysically never eat for one

Table for one please? Not if you’re a woman! Whether or not you intend on having children, as a women you have this pesky wee thing called a . You see, whether or not you want to have kids is irellevant: this thing still exists inside you. And in absolute short this thing takes a lot more maintenance.

One of the prime ways a woman needs to cater for her uterus is through her fat percentage. This fat percentage is higher than mens. Women with less than 8% body fat are at risk of losing their menstrual cycle and becoming infertile says Share Care. Being infertile isn’t a be all end all to those who shrivel up at the thought of having kids. But losing your menstrual cycle can cause all manner of health issues to break lose.

Further out of whack for women are our hormones. Since food has been linked to hormone levels, it is critical for women to watch what they eat through a balanced diet. Because at the end of the day, yes women do need to watch what they eat more than men. But that doesn’t mean they need to get lost in the details, fretting about their body image and how it matches up. Learn to practise good health for the sake of good health.

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