The Fullproof Guide to Getting Your Dream Job

Choosing a job is difficult enough. Unfortunately this is the easy part. The real challenge begins when you try and snag your dream job. That’s why this article isn’t going to teach you how to choose a job – you should already know that. Instead, here’s a fullproof guide on choosing a job application strategy.

CVs and interviews? So 2012…

Trade HQ argues,

For too long, employment has revolved around quantity rather than quality. The idea is that if you send a mediocre CV or business proposal to hundreds of companies, at least one might have a position for you. But today this simply isn’t the case.


The job market is littered with applicants. Your piece of paper won’t get you hired simply because it is more shiny than the other applicants. Instead you need to prove your fit with the company. And this is through a pre-interview project.

Raghav Haran boasts about how successful this has been for him:

When I was applying for a business development role for Kiip, I pitched a few companies on forming partnerships with them, and introduced them to the biz dev team. I ended up getting an offer.

When I was applying for product development related positions, I ran quick usability tests on companies’ products, documented my process, created some design suggestions and sent it to the head of each design team. Here’s an example of what I did for Airbnb.



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