Nine Weird Makeup Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know (Video)

One step eyeshadow? Fuller eyelashes using COTTON? Red lipstick to conceal undereye circles? These beauty hacks are absolutely bizaare – yet they work beautifully. Your face will thank me later.

1. Red lipstick for dark undereyes


One moment it looks like you were just punched in the face. The next you look like you have perfect undereyes. How? The magic of a red lipstick. Well, it’s more of colour science than magic. You see the red neutralizes the blue in your undereye circles.

2. Using cotton to plump your lashes


Who would’ve guessed that cotton fibers can be used to buff up your lashes? Only some expert beauty guru! Just swipe your eyebrow wand with cotton and apply it between mascara coats. Thick eyelashes are now all yours.

3. DIY single swipe eyeshadow appliers


Eyeshadow takes forever to apply. Apply one colour, wait for it to set, apply another colour, realize it looks awful, start all over again. But this super easy hack lets you apply eyeshadow in one swipe. Seriously. Now more time for your hair.

4. Teething pain gel for painless hair removal


Tweezing your eyebrows, mustache or anything can hurt like hell. But you know what else hurts like hell? Teethiing. Just ask any screaming baby. Put this on before plucking to numb your skin for painless hair removal.

5. Soothe chapped lips with green tea bags


Got chapped lips? Simply pucker up to a moist green tea bag for five minutes.

6. Flawless nail designs


You’ve seen those girls with blood-curling fancy designs on their nails. You know, the ones that make you think reincarnate Andy Warhol is their own personal nail artist. Here’s their secret: don’t paint directly on your nails. Instead, paint on a plastic ziplock bag. Boom, perfect nails.

7. Potatoes to lighten dark underarms


Yeah, that’s right, potatoes. Your favourite starch isn’t just a dinner staple. It can also lighten dark underarms.

8. Erase bruises with mouthwash


Got an unsightly bruise? Swipe it with a dab of mouthwash? Where did it go? It’s still a mystery.

9. Lift your roots with white powder


White powder isn’t just for an even complexion or great costume makeup, it can also be used to lift your roots. If regular dry shampoo actually flattens your hair, give this a try.


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