The Secret Danger in These Top 10 “Health” Foods

If your dietrician told you to trust any of these ten “health” foods, fire them right away. And I mean pick up the phone now. These ten foods are way more harmful than they are good.

1.Orange juice

What you’ve been told: Orange juice is full of vitamin C and is quintessential to any healthy breakfast.

The hook: Orange juice is incredibly pasteurized, processed and it is often not natural. It is also riddled with sugar potentially raising your insulin levels to an extreme. Eek!

Instead you should try… eating a whole grapefruit or orange! These bad boys are all natural and are chocked full of the nutrients you need.

2. 100 Calorie packs

What you’ve been told: 100 calorie packs are so small on calories that they are perfect for those watching their weight!

The hook: Using calories alone and using the quantity over quality is ineffective. Also some foods require a certain amount of energy to digest into your body.  100 calorie packs are easy for your body to insulate raising your insulin levels.

Instead you should try… high fiber foods such as a steak. This takes energy for your body to process and can actually decrease calories by 30%!

3. Sugar free packs

What you’ve been told: Sugar free puddings, bars and jams are a way to leave weight without missing out on your favourite, sweet food,

The hook:  Sugar is replaced with equally harmful ingredients including Maltitol, Sucralose, Sorbitol or Aspertame. These might spike your blood sugar levels, kill good bacteria

Instead you should try… raw cacao beans. These have the strong, chocolate taste without any nasty sugar substitutes

4. Whole wheat bread

What you’ve been told: Any bread that isn’t whole wheat has too many additives to be good

The hook:  What increases insulin and pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Instead you should try… Try pita bread or a wrap.

5. Wine

What you’ve been told: Numerous studies claim wine is a heart friendly beverage

The hook: Wine is basically a carbohydrate – it is absorbed into your body as sugar and has negative influences on your body hormonally.

Instead you should try… Save wine for your weekends and special nights out and avoid having it every night.

6. Diet Coke

What you’ve been told: Diet free coke is sugar free and still delicious so there must not be a problem!

The hook: Diet sodas are really just bad chemical soups. These decrease your liver functioning which in turn influences your metabolism.

Instead you should try… Mineral water!

7. Crackers

What you’ve been told: Crackers are delicious. There is no denying that. And hey at least they are healthier than potato chips right!

The hook: A lot of crackers have corn or malt syrup and are very high in processed carbs. Plus it is easy to overindulge in those tasty little critter!

Instead you should try… Mary’s gone crackers. These fulling crackers are so good without the unhealthy carbs. Hello natural ingredients!

8. Flavoured Yogurt

What you’ve been told: Flavoured Yogurt has all the health benefits of a regular yogurt with the benefits of coming in cherry/apple/chocolate flavor! Mmmm….

The hook: It’s actually full of sugar, food colouring, artificial flavours and corn syrup. Need I say more?

Instead you should try… Plain Greek Yogurt with fresh berries and fruit.

9. Soy milk

What you’ve been told: Soy milk has the smooth consistency of milk without the fatty cream.

The hook:  Soy affects your hormones and increases your estrogen. If you didn’t know, estrogen increases your fat storing tissue.

Instead you should try… Almond milk or coconut milk

10. Sugar free energy drinks

What you’ve been told: Spike your energy drinks without spiking your fat

The hook: Once again, be careful about what sugar is replaced with.

Instead you should try… Yerba Matte. This tea has the caffeine you need along with other super ingredients needed for long lasting, smooth energy.


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