If You Don’t Ditch Green Juice Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later

Your Instagram feed is clogged with green juice. Kale, spinach, broccoli, grass and everything green is being plucked from the ground and chucked in someone’s blender right now. But it isn’t just your Instagram feed that is getting clogged; it is also your body.

Green juice is one of those dirty diet trends that caught on and gained so much momentum it transformed from a lifestyle change to a social standing. It became popular to brag about the delicious kale-cinnamon-broccoli-vomit smoothie you gulfed down or upload a filter laden photo to Facebook.

But what really is a green smoothie?


You might think you know what a green smoothie is: a delicious blend of leafy vegetables and fruit. What’s not to love??

The damage isn’t in the ingredients. Well, not really. I’m not going to sit here and preach that vegetables are bad for you – especially not leafy greens. In fact, the main problem with green smoothies is more strange than you would think.

The issue is not the green. It is the smoothie.

Consider your favourite cocktail.


Or any alcoholic mix. Chances are it does not taste too strongly of vodka or any strong alcohol. Instead it is mixed with other delicious ingredients so it tastes more like fruit/cinnamon/soda/juice/whatever your poison is.

Because of this it is easy to keep drinking. Before you know it, you have had way too much to drink. If you tried drinking straight alcohol, you wouldn’t even be a fraction as drunk as you are on your favourite drink. This is because it is exceptionally easier to overindulge when you alter the flavour of something.

When you blend a lot of leafy greens with other ingredients, it is easy to down three cups of spinach a day. I once heard a story about a man who drank an equivalent of two bags of carrots a day. His skin started turning orange before he tragically passed.

Don’t turn into the man with the orange skin!


You can easily have too many servings and not even realise it until it takes an tole on your health.  That is when the overload of oxolate causes oxolate stones to form in body tissue such as the brain or heart. Ew!

You’re probably doing it wrong

Screen shot 2015-08-01 at 6.32.42 PM

Furthermore most people who have green smoothies are probably doing it wrong. With leafy greens, it is important to rotate the ones you consume. This needs to be done frequently to avoid a potential build-up of toxins over time and to give your body a break.

Sadly most people who drink green smoothies naively buy the same greens in bulk and create the same smoothies day in and day out. They think that because they have perfected the smoothie that tastes the best they will  not alter the recipe.

This haphazard approach to health is dangerous. Very dangerous. Here is a great article on how to rotate your leafy greens!


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