Top Three Ways to Have Fun Losing Weight in Winter

Winter is great for many reasons – hot chocolates, fires, fuzzy socks and wearing your favourite winter boots just to name a few. But the frost can bite your health and fitness.

Hibernation can lead to, err, extra happiness

Staying inside wrapped up in a blanket while chowing inevitably leads to your body putting on a bit of weight. At first it seems like a good idea to let your fitness go in winter.

I mean, the extra weight will keep you warmer right? And no one will be the wiser under big hoodies and coats. While this is true, consider the affect this has on your health.

Everyone and their dog seems to have written an article on how to lose weight for summer. These often involve tireless exercise crammed into a short amount of time. The aim is to work hard and lose lots of weight quickly.

But need I remind you that roughly half the year is spent in colder seasons? If your body gets accustomed to doing little for four months, it will tire quickly if you strain it come spring. This can lead to your muscles aching and wearing down quicker.

So instead, I encourage you to take care of yourself all year round. To do that, here are three of the best ways to lose weight in winter while having fun. Yes, it is possible!

1. Eat Well

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It’s easy to dig your face into all kinds of fat and sugar in winter. It’s also easy to eat more than you usually do. But just because you need to eat to stay warm, you don’t need to eat poorly.

2. Start an Indoor Sport

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One of the most fun ways to lose weight is to lose yourself in a sport that you love. Unfortunately for most, their favourite sport is a summer only sport.

But did you know, so many sports can be played indoors? Take for example tennis. When you think of tennis, you usually picture people running around outside in tennis shorts.

Unbeknownst to some, tennis can be played indoors too.

Top tip: To save yourself from going out in the cold, buy yourself a tennis ball pressuriser. This allows balls to keep their bounce without needing pressureless tennis balls.

3. Pick a Diet that Works

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The way to have the least fun while damaging your health when losing weight is to pick an awful diet. Just like the Paleo diet – here’s some reasons why the paleo diet might not be for you.

4. Take Zumba Classes

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Warning: one of the most fun ways to lose weight involves making an absolute fool of yourself. Yes I am talking about Zumba. These fun and interactive dance classes are held at your local gym – which by the way, still opens in winter.

And don’t worry about having to trudge through the cold on the way to classes. It’s impossible not to work up a sweet when jumping around. So you might find yourself walking out of class in shorts and barely notice it.

What’s your favourite way to lose weight in winter? Comment down below.



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