8 Unnecessary Beauty Products Making You Unhealthy and Poor

Beauty is big business. It is a $56.63 billion dollar industry to be precise. But competitors don’t just make their money off your need to look good. Instead they make a lot of money from selling you things that you do not need.

Many beauty products can be easily made or substituted from things I guarantee are already in your closet. Other products are just water packaged prettily enough to spend $38.95 on. Here are ten products you should stop buying immediately to save yourself over $500.

1. Face Scrub

Retail price: $55

There are lots of excuses for spending lots on a face scrub:

  • “I only use it once a week as an exfoliant, so it lasts longer”
  • “It’s going on my face so it needs to be high quality and high quality is always expensive.”
  • “Using an expensive scrub makes me feel like I’m at a day spa.”

While these excuses are well-intentioned, they plummet innocent people into unnecessary debt. And what’s worse is store bought face scrubs are riddled with inorganic ingredients. In fact, most face scrubs cause redness, blemishes and inflammation. 

This is because store brought face scrubs contain jagged particles such as apricot and walnut seeds that cause tiny cuts. Even though these cuts may not be visible, Healthy Directions says they’re big enough to allow bacteria to enter. Ew!

Another ingredient in most store brought is emulsifiers. This ingredient harms your skins natural protective layer which causes your skin to dry out. And drier skin ages quicker.

The simplest way to know your face scrub doesn’t have either of these in it, is to make your own. There are lots of face scrub recipes online for different skin types. A soothing one using natural ingredients in your kitchen cupboard is this Coconut Oil and Pink Salt scrub.

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2. Rose Water

Retail Price: $31.95

Beauty bloggers and professionals swear by this craze. Plus social media sites like Pinterest have  fallen in love with it. The name itself sounds refreshing and delicate. Why wouldn’t you want to wash your face with rose water?

I’ve noticed something about rose water on the market: it is either authentic or expensive. That means it is either pure and natural but $40 and up or it is clogged with preservatives and sitting comfortably around the $20 mark.

So I would highly recommend making your own rose water. All you really need is water, rose petals and a bottle. If you don’t have home grown roses, I highly recommend checking that they are organically grown first. And wash the petals thoroughly!

3. Eyebrow Powder

Retail price: $25

Eyebrows, just like any feature of a persons face, are highly scrutinised. From the 20th they have evolved through many trends – from pencil thin to bold and bushy. Today the trend in western cultures is a defined brow. This is usually attained through overpriced eyebrow powders.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Eyebrow powder is composed of very very similar ingredients as eyeshadow. Yes, your eyebrow powder is just a rebranded and cleverly positioned eyeshadow! Save yourself some dough and just use non-glittery brown eyeshadow instead.

4. Eyebrow Brushes

Retail price: $16.99

I can imagine the person who invented eyebrow pencils was probably instantly promoted when they suggested this moneysuck. Eyebrow pencils have been called a beauty staple. The more you think about it the more unusual it becomes. A brush. For Your eyebrows. Being a beauty staple.

What’s even worse is how awfully these brushes are priced. There are many, many substitutes you can use for these. My top two suggestions would be a clean, old toothbrush or a clean, old mascara wand.

5. Lip Scrub

Retail price: $29.99

This surprising product can be a life saver in winter. If you have been sick with a cold you have probably fallen prey to red lip disease. This is when the constant breathing through your mouth causes your lips to dry out and become cracked and red.

Lip scrubs work wonders when this strikes. A good lip scrub will also make your lips softer which is great for any time of year. However just like with face scrubs, many store bought ones are more harm than good.

Lip scrubs are quite possibly the easiest to DIY. A simple way to make your own is to mix a teaspoon edible olive oil, two teaspoons white sugar and a few drops of essential oil if desired. Done!

6. Leave In Conditioner

Retail price: $45.95

Most women will find they have a bottle of leave in conditioner in their cupboard. A lot of these bottles have almost as much product in them as the day they were bought.

Although leave in conditioners can work wonders for some people, for the most part they are impractical. They sound like a lazy mans dream – put leave in conditioner overnight and wake up with flawless hair.

In reality you wake up with a sticky pillow, greasy hair, a hole in your wallet and a hole in your self esteem. However this is not the case for all people. For a select few, namely those with brittle, bleached or hypercurly hair, overnight conditioner is a dream.

But for those who need it, a leave in conditioner that works is like unicorn tears. Most contain oils that strip the hair’s natural oils and weigh it down. This often makes the problem worse.

And so if possible, I’d recommend ditching leave in conditioner altogether. Just invest is a very good conditioner and lay back on heat styling your hair.

7. Body Scrub

Retail price: $30

The cosmetics industry seems to thrive of us thinking that we are inconceivably and irreparably dirty. We need strong scrubs for our face, lips and body. However body scrubs do have one good use – exfoliation.

I think of washing with body scrub as brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush as opposed to a regular one. With a regular toothbrush you can clean your teeth decently well. However it doesn’t get all the plaque and build up. Same goes with using a scrub as opposed to just water.

If you absolutely needed to satisfy your desire to buy a beauty product, I would probably say buying a body scrub is a safe bet. Unlike your sensitive skin on your face or lips, your body can tolerate jagged particles – read: little cuts and bacteria.

However if you desire you can easily avoid this by making your own scrub. A safe bet for good cleansing is using salt or sugar as a scrub. This gets the job done while being gentle.

8. Foot Soak

Retail price: $22.50

Foot soaks aren’t quite as popular today as they used to be. But there’s still no denying that soaking your feet in an aromatic bath after a long day is rejuvenating for lack of a better word. What’s even more relaxing is knowing your foot soak cost less than 30 cents.

Just like lip scrubs, foot soaks are dead easy and dirt cheap to make. An absolute must for a foot soak is epsom salts. These magnesium filled bundles of goodness are great for restoring foot health.

How do you plan on using your spare $300 from saving on beauty products?

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