How to Choose a Bike

Thanks to the New Zealand dollar depreciating, we can expect to see petrol prices increase. When this happens, more and more people ditch their four wheels for two and start biking. But this shouldn’t be the only reason people begin pedaling! Biking is also great for getting active, meeting new people or running quick errands.

The first thing you need to consider when looking for your trust stead is what you want to use your bike for. Kids, students, athletes and mountaineers don’t all use the same bike! Although there are many different types of bikes, here are definitions of six from WikiHow:

Standard bikes: These are old-fashioned, single speed bikes with coaster brakes (pedal backwards to brake).

BMX bikes: Low profile bikes with 20 inch (50.8 cm), usually knobby tires. These are for “competition” biking on trails or courses.

Road bikes: Traditional bicycles designed for good performance on pavement. There is a wide range of choices within this category; they can be classified into the two broad groups of racing or touring.

Mountain bikes: Bikes designed for off-road use, with compact frames, stable handling, clearance for wide and knobby tires, and higher handlebars for a more upright position.

Tandem bikes: These bikes have an extra seat and set of pedals for two people to ride together.

Recumbent bikes: These bicycles seat the rider in a “reclining” position with the pedals forward, which is a more natural position requiring less flexibility than upright bikes.

Now that you know what each type of bike is, you may be able to decide which one is for you based on what you want to do with your bike. If you’re a mountaineer eager to bike along some rough tracks, a mountain bike is your best bet. If you’re a mother of two uncooperative children, try getting them a tandem bike.

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