Beware: NZ Expects ANOTHER Fan Shortage

Get ready to get sticky again – New Zealand is expecting another fan shortage. If you remember sweating profusely with handmade paper fans from last summer, you know what I’m talking about.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, last year most chain retailers ran completely dry of electric fans.  100% Dimocks Stratford sold out 100% of their stock, like most other retailers. The owner told she triped her orders to keep up with demand but still couldn’t keep up.

Even the most expensive fans sold out. Customers were willing to pay $600 just to escape the heat. New Zealand stores are already beginning to experience the shortage.

Kiwi’s are preparing early


Your local red hut may already be struggling to fulfill demand, even though summer has been delayed. Many branches of The Warehouse are reporting high demand for fans despite them being just brought out. Probably by kiwis who spent $600 on a fan in hopes of reselling it or by kiwis who missed out buying a fan entirely last summer.

If you want to buy a fan, now would be the time. But I genuinely wouldn’t. Fans are being sold at a premium this year following last year’s epidemic.

Your average fan can last for years – a very high quality one may last 8 years. A cheap fan might not last till next summer. Even when fans do still work, they deteriorate pretty quickly letting out only a slight breeze. You could get cooler and save money just by opening a window!


I’d much rather invest in a heat pump. These pumps come with warranties and last for years and years. They also don’t make the awful clicking noise that fans do.

The good news is it’s easy to find a local heat pump installer. Easier than putting five appliance stores on Google Maps in hope one will still have a $600 fan available! Auckland heat pumps installers and other heat pump installers in big cities are usually the easiest to reach.


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