Here’s why NOT to ask a tradie for a quote for small work

When you notice your security lighting isn’t working, what do you do? The irresponsible thing to do is to ignore it and hope it goes away. Let’s admit it – we’re all guilty of doing that at least once! Doesn’t that mean the right thing to do would be call an electrician over for a quote?

Probably not.

Calling a tradie in for a quote actually ends out costing you money that can easily be saved. A tradie might tempt you by offering to come in for a free quote. But this quote hardly ends out being free.

Even though the tradie may not charge you for this initial consultation, they will likely charge you later. When the tradie finally works on your house, you may be shocked by the bill that comes through. “Hang on a minute, this is way more than what they initially quoted me” you may wonder. Scroll down the bill and you’ll see they charged you for that initial consultation. Sneaky sneaky.

When you think about it, tradies need to cover their costs somehow. Think about the money lost from your consultation. They used petrol to visit your house. They used time that could be spent plumbing drains or re-wiring houses.

Save you and landscaper joe money


Your tradie probably doesn’t want to charge you for this initial consultation. But let’s face it, they still need to cover their costs. However clever tradies have a way around this that will save you both money. The way to save you both money is over-the-phone consultations

Take for example this Auckland electrician. Jenco Electrical hates charging money they don’t have to – so they post their phone number all over the website to encourage customers to call for a quote. Cool huh?

This makes tradies more likely to come to your home with the right replacement parts and get it fixed all in one trip. This can also save you time meanign you don’t need to schedule two appointments with your tradie.

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