This Decadent Treatment Coats You in HOT CHOCOLATE

I don’t know about you, but I love a steamy, chocolatey, rich hot chocolate as much as the next girl. Give me too spoons of cocoa and a marshmallow and I’ll sit happy for the next 15 minutes or so. There’s something about the rich scent of steamed chocolate and the guilty pleasure feeling that just gets me every time.

So when I found out there was a body treatment that used HOT CHOCOLATE I couldn’t believe my luck. Two of the universally most relaxing things in the world: a spa day and chocolate working together to bring you an hour of mind-numbing relaxation. Not to mention, IT USES CHOCOLATE! Here’s the lowdown on Waters Day Spa’s hot chocolate treatment.

But first, what’s a hydrotherapy body capsule anyway?


This treatment involves laying in a hydrotherapy body capsule. Um, isn’t that what they use on lettuce??? 

Hydrotherapy is a bit more complicated than bathing plants. It actually involves therapeutically using water, steam or ice to bring the ultimate relaxation. This body capsule uses steam with a blend of mineral salts and lemongrass to exfoliate your skin of all the icky stuff that gets in it.

That’s cool, but when do I get my chocolate?

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After the steam exfoliates your skin, you can get buttered in hot chocolate. If you’ve just realised that chocolate isn’t quite your thing, you can get buttered in mango and fruit masks.

I love chocolate… but does it really have health benefits?

Coating yourself in chocolate has obvious health benefit – it’ll put you in a good, relaxed frame of mind. But other than that, what are the health benefits?

Here are some of the benefits listed by Yoga Wiz:

  • The body gets a thinner and leaner look than before the treatment
  • Wrinkles get plumped out as moisturizing lipids are added to the skin
  • The polyphenols in cocoa delay the ageing process, causing you to look younger
  • The skin takes on a smooth glow as it gets moisturized and hydrated during the procedure
  • Dead skin cells are exfoliated
  • The scent of chocolate releases endorphins and causes you to feel happy
  • The pores of the skin get detoxified

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