What your Nutritionist REALLY Eats for Breakfast

Let’s talk about the most important meal of the day AKA the meal you probably butcher every morning. Whether you’re having weetbix and milk, toast smothered in jam or the first edible thing you grab when running out the door, your breakfast probably isn’t quite cutting it.

At least that’s what your nutritionist would tell you. But what do they really eat for breakfast? Is it as healthy as you thought? Here are what six nutritionists from around the world eat for breakfast.

1. Vegetable or chicken frittata

Photo from Women's Health

Photo from Women’s Health

Have you considered starting your day with protein? You know, some authentic protein to get you through the day as opposed to a manufactured Up & Go with protein powder. That’s why nutritionist Katie Cavuto starts the day with a vege or chick frittata.

2. Matcha Latte


Photo from Mind Body Green

Working women like Elissa Goodman are pretty much always on the run. That’s why she loves a drinkable breakfast, especially nutritious matcha lattes. So how the heck does a drinkable brekkie get anyone through the day? “Matcha energizes without the coffee ‘crash,’ and the coconut provides brain fuel for a productive day,” says Goodman.

3. Scrambled eggs and… fruit???

scrambled eggs

I’ve got good news and bad news! Bad news first, this isn’t your typical scrambled fruit doused in salt and cheese. The good news is it’s still super yum! Julie Upton scrambles one whole egg and two egg whites and then smears a piece of fruit with nut butter. “It’s quick and easy and I try to get around 20-25g of  protein at breakfast to keep my hunger and cravings in check,” the dietitian told Huffington Post.

4. PANCAKES yes, pancakes!


OMG did I just hear that some nutritionists eat pancakes? And it’s like, actually okay? Nutritionist and trainer Franci Cohen regularly whips up a super simple five-ingredient pancake. So whaddo you need for this magical, nutritious breakfast? Only oats, egg whites, grated apple and a little cinnamon. If you let the mixture set for five to ten minutes, the oats puff up from the other ingredients.

5. Yogurt, oats and berries… yep, the nutritionist brekkie you expected


Finally here it is: the typical nutritionist brekki you’ve been waiting for since you clicked into this article. Vandana Sheth loves this recipe on a cold Winter morning.

6. Peach & Broccoli Smoothie

brocolli smoothie

You know you should try to eat broccoli at least once a day, right? I know it’s not that tasty. A cool hack dietitian Ashley Koff has is blending frozen broccoli, peach, banana and protein powder. The peach gives a light touch of sweetness and the broccoli actually tastes delicious this way. No more salted broccoli for us! For more inspiration, here are five crazy smoothie trends you need to try!

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