Pokemon Go Your Way to a Slimmer Waist

Fat kids play Pokemon.

Nintendo has faced this problem for about 21 years. They’ve tried little announcements in-game to go outside and fitbit like devices that give rewards for going outside and walking. Neither of these did their trick and Pokemon players remained fat kids and chunky adults. That was until the Pokemon Go revolution.

Fitbit steps back

Pokemon go

Suddenly Fitbit wasn’t the app encouraging people to go outside. Little virtual creatures lured people into walking over 10,000 steps per day. Training at Pokemon Gym’s started overtaking training at the gym. Still don’t believe me about it’s popularity? It’s already had more downloads than Tinder, soon to overtake Twitter, and has become more popular than porn.

Some have even suggested a collaboration between Pokemon Go and Fitbit. However it’s pretty obvious the biggest winner out of this would be Fitbit – Pokemon Go is already rolling in it. So how can you capitalise off this app to slim your waist or tighten your thighs?

How you can use Pokemon Go for fitness


Walking is one of the best things you can do for yourself. No really, it’s great for your mood, cholesterol and can lower anxiety. Plus it makes you look good  😉 And walking is vital for being good at this game. So to understand why Pokemon Go is vital to your fitness, you need to understand walking is vital to the game.

Strap in some physical weight


Did you know you can easily burn up to 12% more weight on your walks? Just add a little resistance. Strapping on a weighted vest weighing about 15% of your body weight is said to burn 12% more fat. This is a simple way to burn more weight on your walks without picking up the pace – perfect for going at a slower speed to catch more Pokemon!

Strap in some virtual weight

Poke stops

You see those funny looking blue cubes? Those are Poke stops – visit them and give them a virtual spin to collect items. Sometimes you will recieve an egg – an item which hatches into a rare Pokemon. The only catch? You guessed it, these eggs take steps to hatch. Extra rare Pokemon hatch from 10km eggs so you better prepare to run a quarter marathon to hatch this bad boy.

Make friends with other trainers


What’s one of the biggest motivators? Social pressure AKA a friend either kicking you in the ass or just doing really really well. We’re a competitive species we are. So make friends with other Pokemon trainers. Download Pokemon Go on a friends phone with or without their consent. Just make sure you have someone to compete against or walk around and catch Pokemon with.

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