FINALLY Explained Why Clean Eating is Impossible

It’s time to start eating clean. Or, at least that’s what every second woman’s blog tells me. I’m going to step out and admit something: I had no idea what clean eating was. Or why I should buy into it. Or if it really would make me lose 10lbs in 10 days. So I did a little digging online and here’s what I found. It might just surprise you.

Here’s what Jo Bloggs means by “clean eating”

Clean eating

Clean eating is eating foods as close to their natural state as possible. Little refinement, lots of goodness. Basically food that has as little steps as possible between its origin and your plate.

Think about an apple from the supermarket and a burger from a fast food chain. Now which one is the most refined – probably the burger right! With it’s sugar-injected buns, questionable meat, sprayed veggies and plastic cheese, it is bound to be the least clean of the two options.

Apple burger

However clean eating is a little more complicated than this. Think about an apple bought from the supermarket versus one picked from your backyard. Now which one is cleaner? The apple from the supermarket was sprayed to protect it from pesticides, possibly injected to make it bigger and brighter, handled by distributors, handled by picky old ladies at the supermarket, handled by you then chucked on your plate.

But wait, there’s more….


Clean eating also involves looking out for foods with additions of any kind. This may include sugar or salt added to make food more flavorful or preservatives added to make the food last longer. But wait there, it gets more complicated.

This may also include altering food in any sort. Think your stir fry with a bunch of veggies is healthy? Haha nope, not according to clean eating! By cooking, frying or stripping food, you are taking it from it’s natural state and losing valuable nutrition. That also means your beloved Nutribullet is bad for your diet. Yikes…

If you’re still confused, here’s a wee table

Good Bad
Raw broccoli Cooked and salted broccoli
Chopped veggies Bought frozen veggies
Beef from your neighbors cow “Beef” from who knows where

OMG I eat like an unclean heathen

clean eating

This far in, you probably realise you eat like an unclean peasant. I did too. I haven’t had anything clean to eat today. From my full cream milk in my processed cereal to my supermarket bought apple, I’m pretty tainted. Or am I?

Let me tell you this: it’s not possible for the average person to eat clean. And it’s also really, really, not healthy. Here’s why.

We need balance


You may have noticed from the table that clean eating is pretty unbalanced. Your food is cold and raw. You’ve cut out pasta, bread and essentially meat. There’s a reason vegans need injections – they know their ethical lifestyle is not sustainable for their bodies. And let me tell you this: if you’re avoiding certain food to be clean, the monthly injections you need aren’t exactly naturally sourced.

We don’t live in the 1800’s


People used to eat clean. There wasn’t really any other choice. Now days it’s flipped: people don’t eat clean because there’s not really any other choice. We live in smaller spaces. We don’t have much room to grow the range of fruit and veges to eat balanced. Our soil is less productive from pollution.

And have you tried fitting a cow on the average person’s land? Add a few chickens for protein and you’re homeless. And try affording this. Not to depress you, but you probably just can’t do this. Sorry.

I’m going to keep living mainly as an unclean heathen, what about you?


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