Nail the Perfect Cat Eye Every Time with this Trick [Video]

Cat eyes are fierce, fun and incredibly easy to stuff up.


Stop googling whether you need to use gel eyeliner, eyeshadow, felt tips or pencils to achieve the perfect cat eye. Just use this simple trick instead:

Step 1.

Draw a triangle coming out from the corner of your eye using gel eyeliner and a eyeliner brush. Top tip: Keep the triangle under the crease of your eye – a triangle bigger than this will make your eyes small.

Step 2.

Extend the gel eyeliner carefully across to half your eye. THEN STOP HERE. This is where most people make mistakes: it is too difficult to draw a thin line using gel eyeliner here.

Step 3.

Using a felt eyeliner to draw the rest of your line precisely. Also use this felt to extend your cat eye with a thin line.

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