The Hoodie that MASSAGES You While Wearing It

You know those moments when you would kill for a massage? But you’re at a meeting and um, wouldn’t it be kinda weird to ask your colleague? Or the person sitting next to you on the bus? Hey it’s even kinda awkward asking someone you know.

So why not massage yourself? And I don’t mean with those creepy octopus hand massage tools.

octopus massage

I actually mean a hoodie that secretly massages you while you work. And you can control this magical hoodie using your smartphone.

Introducing Aria

Ariawear is the world’s first massaging hoodie. Yes, really. It uses ultra thin acupressure technology to analyse and improve body posture in real-time to relieve pressure. Still a bit confused? Check out this cool diagram:


Aria has six inflatable pressure point relaxers and full body compression modules. These relaxers target muscles and pain points to relieve tension caused by poor posture or extended sitting.

How can I help?

So whaddo you need to do? Simply tell the app whereabouts in your body is aching. Then decide how much pressure needs to be relieved and presto. Your hoodie is giving you a massage. You choose the intensity, duration and pain points.

It also has a cool feature called “auto posture correction.” Do you have problems slouching? Are you slouching right now? I’ll admit, I was slouching up until reading the word posture and remembering we need to care for that darn thing!

Auto posture correction takes the hard work out of remembering and helps you automatically adjust your posture. Pretty cool huh?

What’s your style?


Are you effortlessly cool in grey? Chic in black? Casual in navy? These totally matchable colours can be easily worn with any outfit. You can also choose between a cozy hoodie or a slimmer vest. The vest can look office appropriate over a shirt and tie whereas the hoodie looks super comfy.


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