6 Strangest Cosmetic Surgery Trends Worldwide

Beauty standards vary from country to country. And what’s the best way to know what a country finds beautiful? That’s simple: find the thing people get changed most often. Here are the five most common procedures from around the world. AKA insecurities you didn’t even know you had.

1. Limb lengthening in India


Did you draw the short straw in life? To improve marriage and career prospects, a painful surgery has become wildly popular in India. Limb lengthening can add up to an astounding three inches to someones height.  Limbs can be encouraged to lengthen using pins and something called an Llizarov frame, which can be slowly (and painfully) adjusted says Stuff.co.nz

2. Jaw shaping in South Korea


South Korea has the highest per capita rate of cosmetic surgery in the world. And what is one of the hottest operations in South Korea? Jaw shaping. South Koreans envy the perfect V-shaped, slender jaw. Other popular procedures in South Korea include eyelid surgery and nose flattening.

3. Brazilian bum and tum


Just like India, Brazil moves down south to sculpting the body rather than the face. Except instead of lengthening the limbs, Brazil bounces up the bum. Brzail isn’t famous for the “Brazilian bum” for no reason – they love their bum implants!

To go with their perky derrieres, Brazilians flatten their tums and get breast implants.

4. America rids Resting Bitch Face


Do people say you always look grumpy or bitchy? This must be a big problem in America because grin lift surgery is booming there. Aging causes the corners of your mouth to droop down making you look miserable all the time. This surgery removes small corners of skin around the mouth to make you a cheery deary all the time.

5. Internal push up bra in Britain


Bras are painful. Wired ones dig into your ribs and wireless ones give no support at all. Maybe you’re wearing your bra wrong. Maybe your bra should go inside your body instead of inside your shirt.

You have two options:

  1. A mesh like bra which reduces sagging is inserted during a breast lift.
  2. Silicone cups are added under breast tissue and are lifted by silk straps, which are sown in place.

6. Get your bellybutton reshaped in Ireland


Do you have an outtie or an innie? This is an innocent question but it may offend those embarrassed by their outties. The good news is you can get your outtie changed into an innie with a simple surgery gaining popularity in Ireland.

What’s the strangest surgery around the world you would like to try? 

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