Coachella’s Most OUTRAGEOUS Looks You Can Copy

Ready for some festival fun with the hottest stars, fireworks, sunny days and great music? Then head over to Coachella – if you have a spare $550NZD lying around that is. If not, stalk all the action from the comfort of your snuggie on your couch.

Coachella is another excuse for stars to outdo each other on who can wear the most bizarre, impractical and possibly edible outfit. Kind of like the VMA’s or Golden Globe. Here are some of the stars looks you can replicate – if you dare.

Kylie Jenner’s Sequined… Eyeball Bralet


You can rock Kylie Jenner’s eyeball underwear look for yourself. I’m not exactly sure why you would want to, but here’s how:

  1. Give your hair a pink – yellow ombre dye. Unlike the typical ombre where you buy one colour dye and gradually use more, this ombre involves buying lots of colours. Four actually – pink, blue, green and yellow. It’s up to you whether you dye your hair permanently. Either way these bright colours will fade pretty quickly.
  2. Buy the matching sequin bralet/underwear set for $210 from DI$COUNT. Yes, $300. I told you that this is a look you can replicate, not one you necessarily want to.
  3. Break out your favourite fuzzy blue slippers. Id you don’t own any, head down to Kmart and buy  these Joe Boxer fuzzy blue slippers for $6. Hey you’ve got to save money somewhere!

Lauren Parsekian’s Punky Ripped Jean Look


Who says you need to dress like a hippie in flowing skirts, circle glasses and a permanent peace sign at festivals? Well just about everyone except for Lauren Parsekian. Here’s how to copy her bizarre look for much, much less.

  1. Don a John Lennon band tee. Or any other band tee that shows you have a classic taste in music.
  2. Top it with an expensive silver-plated spiky necklace. Or just use this one for $3.90NZD.
  3. Wear some edgy black ripped jeans like this Kylie Black Ripped Boyfriend jeans from Missy Empire for $55.

Soko’s Rainbow Explosion


Nothing says childish charm like rainbows. Right? Or a My Little Pony fetish. Either way, you can replicate this look if you really wanted.

  1. Buy a rainbows stripped tank. You will be hard-pressed to find an adults one, so you can buy a large children’s one like Matchables Rainbow-stripped tank from ChildrensPlace for $1. Just chop off the bottom and bam, you have a crop top like Soko’s.
  2. Paint your eyes with rainbow eyeshadow. Maybe even line your eyes in red eyeliner. This palette by Bitter Lace love can also be used to highlight your face and make you a real life unicorn. You know, if that’s what you’re into.


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