Three Sexy Silver Rings You NEED for Winter

Nothing looks quite as classy and sexy as silver jewelry. This is especially true in winter – silver seems to sparkle more in crisper weather. I don’t know whether it’s the muted palettes or the frost, but silver gets a certain glow come July.

1. Sleek Snowflake Ring


Nothing says you’re a winter baby quite like a silver snowflake ring. Perfect for you or the special snowflake in your life.

Buy $32.50 from Stylesome

2. Pretty Pandora Ring


Pandora have mastered silver. The diamantes on this ring look like frostflakes on a window.

Buy for $69 from Pandora

3. Dainty Armor Ring

Armor rings aren’t as tough as they sound; this dainty armor ring proves just that.

Buy $30 from Etsy

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