20 Most Bizarre Beauty Hacks that Actually Work

Don’t you love a good beauty hack that actually works wonders? Here are twenty that’ll leave you wondering why you didn’t think of them sooner!

1. Plump up lips with nude lip pencil

You don’t need to go full Kylie Jnner on your lips and make them look fake to get a bit more oomph. Instead just use a nude lip pencil around your cupids bow and the bottom of your lips.

2. Apply foundation to your lips

If your lips are looking a bit bright, lightly dab some powder foundation on them. This gives a much more natural finish.

3. Flip your hairbrush

If you’re like me, sometimes a good brush can do more harm than good to your hair. Goodbye knots, hello frizz! However if you brush your hair with the flat side of the brush first, this helps remove some static.

4. Tackle split ends with a twist

An easy way to get rid of pesky split ends is by twisting your hair. The shorter split ends will fall out and be easily found to trim on your own. Just make sure you use sharp scissors to avoid creating more split ends!

5. Easy cat eye

A liquid eyeliner cat eye can look striking. However it is also easy to mess up with a slight twitch of the hand. A simple solution is puting tape where you would like your cat eye to be and paint along the line. Remove the tape and you have a clean line. Even a cluts would struggle to mess that up!

6. Free eye primer

If your eyeshadow melts down your face, you need to use an eye primer. However this doesn’t mean you need to pay for an expensive eye primer. Just use a spot fix concealer on your lids.

7. Twist your bobby pins.

A lot of people use bobby pins the wrong way around. The flat part should be at the top of your hair, not the base.

8. Cross those pins

To really get some hair in place, one pin won’t cut it. Instead you should cross two pins over each other.

9. Use tissue to blot oily skin

Don’t buy expensive pads to blot up oil on your face. Tissues not only do the job but also are incredibly tidy.

10. VDL instead of baby powder

A lot of women know baby powder works as an excellent dry shampoo. But did you know VDL does just as well?

11. Use eyeshadow to disguise regrowth

Are the roots of your natural hair colour starting to show through? If they’re too short to justify going to the hairdresser, using an eyeshadow in your dyed shade is a quick fix.

12. Fluff up your drying makeup brushes

Have you ever washed your makeup brushes only to find they dry all clumpy and never really work the same? Kinda sorta really puts you off washing your makeup brushes again. But that’s gross. A simple fix is rolling your brushes between your hands while drying to give them their fluff back.

13. Soak off messy nailpolish

To remove nailpolish patches from your fingers, simply soak them in water. The polish will stay stuck to your nails but slip off your fingers.

14. Apply foundation in downward strokes

Don’t pay attention to commercials where women apply foundation in circular motions. This only makes your facial hairs stick up. For a smoother looking face, only stroke downwards.

15. Use sterile saline to preserve mascara

If your mascara is in it’s final lengths, a few drops of sterile saline will preserve it. Obviously don’t overdo it!

16. Apply chapstick before lipstick

If you don’t apply chapstick first, your lipstick will run into little cracks making your lips look even drier. No thanks!

17. Coconut oil to moisturize eyelashes and eyebrows

If you moisturize your hair and face, why not do the same to your eyelashes and eyebrows? This is useful at replenishing them with moisture they need to grow

18. White eyeliner to make your eyes brighter

White eyeliner, the master of all optical illusions, makes your eyes wider, brighter and just more awake. Now who wouldn’t want that.

19. Use two cold teaspoons to get rid of eye bags

A quick fix to baggy and puffy eyes is popping two cold teaspoons in the fridge and leave them on your eyes for a few minutes in the morning

20. Reduce puffiness in general by adding extra pillows

The easiest way to prevent puffy eyes is to add an extra pillow to elevate your head a little.



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