5 Ways Your Shower is KILLING Your Skin

You would think showering is a basic human skill. Find some hot water, dunk yourself in it, scrub up and then get out all new and clean. Sadly if you aren’t careful, your pesky shower habits can be more harmful than good. That’s right, you might be so bad at showering, it could be better for you to not shower at all – gross but true!

1. Your shower is too hot


The culprit: Your skin is dry and itchy

The verdict: Your shower is scalding hot!

The sentence: Turn down the temperature

If you notice your skin is red and stingy when you step out of the shower, this is a sure sign you’re burning your skin. Sadly, dry winter air only worsens the problem – and I bet you’re craving that hot shower in winter!

2. You’re using a harsh soap


The culprit: The oils have all but left your skin

The verdict: Your soap is antibacterial and is too acidic – just plain harsh!

The sentence: Try a sensitive, fragrance free soap for a while like Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash

The oils on your skin act as a lubricant to protect your skin from hot water, strong winds and other things that dry it out. When that barrier is gone, your skin has nothing between it and the elements!

3. You’re scrubbing too much


The culprit: Your skin is looking crisp and flaky like fried chicken – does not look as delicious as it sounds.

The verdict: You have been scrubbing to excess.

The sentence: Ditch your pumas stones, harsh loofahs and just wash your body with your hands till it calms down a bit

Health.com reckons scrubbing down from head-to-toe, even if you’re using a milder soap, can still strip your skin of this beneficial bacteria that helps protect you from acne and eczema flare-ups, and yep, dry skin.

4. You’re not cleaning your razor


The culprit: Your skin has been more prone to infections – particularly in the areas you’ve been shaving. Hmm.

The verdict: You haven’t been washing your razor before using it.

The sentence: Rinse your razor under hot water before you use it every time. Small change, big difference.

Razors have fine blades that bacteria can easily form between. Shaving makes little pockets in your skin that bacteria can get into. Well well well!

5. You’re skipping gym shower etiquette


“Athletes foot and warts can be picked up in public places. Wearing shower shoes or flip flops on your feet when you’re in and out of the shower can help avoid these problems,”

Says Dr Piliang to Health.com

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